Register your service/help

  • Create one Service for each expertise you have
  • Set price for your services
  • Set your availability

Provide your services/help

  • Customers make instant videocall or appointment when you are available
  • Joint the video call,Serve your customer

Get paid

  • Customers makes payment at the end of the video call
  • You receive money in your Bkash account

Learn how to be an efficient provider

Consults24 is an online service platform, where as a provider you can serve others with any skill and also earn money. Customers can get immediate service from the provider through video call for any day-to-day problem.Both sides will save travel hassle, time and money and this is a first in Bangladesh.

Step 1 : Update your profile:

Your profile will represent you on the consults24 platform. So you must create a professional profile

Step 2 : Create your service:

What is service?

Answer : Service is your expertise to provide instructions over the video to customer to solve their everyday problem. For example, someone is unable to connect his/her laptop to internet because of unstable connection for instance.

Watch how You can solve your problem immediatly over video call using our platform.

Step 3 : Create your availability:

What is your availability?

Answer : Availability is the time whene you are available to provide services that you registered. For example, you are available to monday to thursday at 10 AM to 4 PM

To make your availability easily without having any problems, please watch the video below

How to edit a service

In this video we can learn how to edit service in Consults24 as a service provider. Sometimes it is necessary to edit and update service details. In short, editing removes errors, improves your work flow, and enhances your language and style. This video helps us to edit and update service details.

How to edit service provider profile information

In this video we can learn how to edit service provider profile in Consults24 as a service provider. Sometimes it is necessary to change user information, here we can learn how we edit user profile in Consults24.

For marketing

How to share brochure as Service Provider

What is brochure ?

Answer : It is a marketing material used to create information about the product or service. A brochure is like a magazine but with pictures of the product or the service which the brand is promoting.

Here you can see how you can create brochure properly and share with customers.

For marketing

How to share a service page with customer

You can send the service page to any prospective customer who can come to your service page directly with single click without going through search process.