Video calls enable clients to connect directly with the customer service agents real-time and get their queries solved quickly. It has replaced reactive customer support channels i.e. phone, email etc. with many advantages.

1. Resolve issues faster with less touchpoints

33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold and by having to repeat themselves to multiple support reps.Businesses can use a video calls for customer service to identify the issue and deliver faster solutions.Agents can diagnose the root cause of the problem and provide the right solution in the first go, which reduces the number of touchpoints. A live video chat platform is perfect for complex technical issues that need visual understanding, which is difficult to explain reactive channels (phone, email or text ). Hence, a live video chat solution is a great way to deliver an undiluted customer experience.

2. Boost customer satisfaction

Visual engagement is a widely adopted trend by businesses to raise their customer service standards and improve customer experience. Engaging clients with video chat and co-browsing guides customers through tricky situations in real time, unlike reactive channels.Personalize video conversations with customers and build trust. Live video chat resulting in 73% satisfaction levels – the highest for any customer service channel as compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone, it’s likely to be the service that consumers are drawn to the most.

Note: Measure your customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) with key metrics like NPS and CES. It can be done by asking a simple question “How satisfied were you with your experience?” at the end of every conversation or checkout.

3. Cut down customer service cost

Video call helps to identify the exact customer problem in real time and deliver immediate solutions. It enable businesses to provide immediate assistance and reduce the number of support requests significantly. It is the best solution to combat challenges such as long queue time, multiple touchpoints, and communication issues. 34% of customers who hang up never bother to return back again. Video customer support reduces costs in terms of hiring more agents, infrastructure to manage conversations. Businesses that use live video calls save up to 50% or more on support costs versus other methods.

4. Deliver higher brand equity

Brand experience is extremely crucial. Delivering a positive customer experience allows companies to stay competitive and increase customer loyalty. 80% of consumers would pay more for products or services to ensure a superior customer experience. Businesses that focus on customer engagement strategies are very much focused on the value creation of the brand. They provide end-to-end customer experience via interactive conversations and real time customer support. Video chat for customer service allows friendly conversations that build trust and credibility.

5. Accelerate live customer engagement

Business growth is greatly impacted by effective customer engagement. By using live engagement tools like Video call, co-browsing and desktop-sharing you can accelerate live customer engagement and witness significant growth in new as well as loyal customers. Here are the key benefits of real time customer engagement Better understanding between customers and agents during interactions Ability to connect more emotionally between customer and agent Improving first call resolutions Reducing potentially frustrating and stressful situations Overall improvement in customer service metrics

6. Improve customer service metrics

With video call support, you increase user engagement. It also improves your business metrics and KPIs. Tracking and measuring the KPIs will help businesses to improve their features and functionalities Here are two key customer service metrics that are impacted by video chat support, FCR (First Contact Resolution) Measuring first contact resolution ensures that you are responding to customers at a minimum time with a live video solution, without escalating it for further follow-up Average Resolution Time (ART) Video chat for customer service improves the average resolution time ( from the first contact made until their issue is fixed) of the issue. If the resolution time is high means you need to look at it to improve it.

7. Personalize your interaction with customers

One of the key aspects of business success is to personalize your customer care interactions. It makes customers more attentive towards your saying. According to Forrester research,"Visual engagement drives relationships and revenue for customer service." Video chat solution is the best way to engage customers via face to face conversation and strengthen trust. Allowing customers to know more about your brand via visual communications can give them the reassurance to build trust.

8. Onboard your customers with product demo

Onboarding customers is about mapping the customer journey and engaging them in a better way with the product you are launching. Video chat helps in educating the user base about the product features and functionalities hassle-free. The direct interaction delivers consistent customer experience. Customer onboarding is an important part of businesses as it showcases the strategies to build effective relationships to acquire and retain customers. A great onboarding refers to quick and effortless answers to key questions asked by your customers. Take advantage of Consults24’s video chat and accel your customer success stories.